Learn to Paint and Texture Like a Pro!

Let This Old Painter HelpPainting tools, tips, and advice from a professional, fourth generation painter.Old-world house painting techniques are the best solution for getting the exact color, look, and overall feeling you want to achieve in your home or business—regardless of your architectural style.

  • Even the most contemporary styles can benefit from the use of old-world painting techniques featured throughout this website.
  • This Old Painter can help you learn these techniques.
  • Professional painters and do-it-yourselfers can both benefit from learning about old-world painting techniques.

JAZZ IT UP … with Old World Painting Techniques

Take a look at the images below to see how old world painting techniques can be used to create both contemporary and traditional looks.

Texture toolkit for walls and ceilings

The texture toolkit contains the
tools and advice you need to create
professional looking
textured walls and ceilings
for your painting and faux
finishing projects.