Jul 132011
The truth about Faux Painting and hand painted wallpaper

I grew up painting with my father, I remember him doing beautiful paintings in bathrooms and courting rooms, mostly in older homes.  He always told me that these paintings are an old style hand painted wallpaper which goes way back to Europe even before they invented wallpaper. He also would call these Tiffany paintings.  So […]

May 192011
How to Make Custom Wood Stains of Any Color!

This beautiful custom vanity was finished with a custom charcoal color stain made from a oil base stain. For many years I have had great success making my own stains to fit the current project. So why make your own stains? First – have you ever wondered when you see a piece of furniture that […]

May 152011
Applying Faux Glazes

Two Essential Faux Glazes For textured or untextured walls. There are two basic types of faux glazing techniques you can use: Old World “Tuscan” style glazes and European glazes. Tuscan glazes look best works best on semi-heavy  to heavy textured walls. European glazes work best on smooth to semi-heavy textured walls. Compare The Two Glazes […]

May 152011
Texture Kit for Walls & Ceilings

Easy-to-Use Painting Tools For the professional look you want! With the help of this Wall and Texture Toolkik, you’ll be able to create beautiful, textured walls and ceilings that give you a rich, custom-designed, professional look and feel. Make your drywall look like the high-quality, solid plaster walls and ceilings found in homes years ago […]

May 152011
Faux Painting Basics

Faux Painting 101 What every painter and do-it-yourselfer should know about faux painting. There’s a lot of mystique about faux painting, and even professional painters are often lost when it comes to creating the textured, marbled, or mult-colored “faux” look that their customers might want. I want to take some of the mystery out of […]

Apr 042011
Old World Tuscan Glaze

Hi Folks! You are looking at the beautiful Old World Tuscan Glaze! There simply isn’t any style of faux painting that relaxes like old burnished walls do. This beautiful painting is simply a timeless look that goes will with any decor, old or new. I really enjoy going back to homes that I have designed […]

Mar 212011
Copper & Bronze Glaze Painting

Hi Folks! You’re looking at my signature Copper and Bronze glaze painting. I created and use this beautiful glaze in many accent ways such as wineries, bathrooms, fireplace chimney’s and others. As you can see by the picture that the ceiling I painted with this beautiful glaze has rope lighting which runs around above the […]