May 152011
How to Choose Paint Color

Color Makes the Difference You can learn to choose paint color like a pro. I started learning about paint color in the early 60’s, when my dad taught me how to paint. In those days, there was no such thing as a “color designer” … painters just did it all. I kept the tradition of […]

May 152011
General Painting Tips

From Prep to Finish Practical tips to help you paint like a pro. People ask me all the time what’s the most important thing you can do when you paint. I generally tell them it depends on what you’re painting. But if I had to choose one tip that was most important, I’d say … […]

Mar 102011
Proper Primers to Use on New and Existing Interior Surfaces

Follow these tips for professional looking walls, whether covering¬† new drywall or an old surface such as plaster or wallpaper. 1. If you have new drywall surfaces to prime than use a PVA primer for new drywall. 2. If you have new or old existing hard plaster and wallpaper surfaces I recommend that you use […]