Consulting Services


Painting & Interior Design

Helping you plan and implement your painting and faux finishing projects

As a fourth generation painter, I can assure you that there’s probably no painting problem I haven’t seen, and no painting, staining, faux-finishing, or interior design challenge that I couldn’t help you figure out.

Help for Homeowners & Professionals

I regularly consult with both homeowners and professionals.

  • Homeowners rely on me to help them with their unique painting and related interior decorating needs.
  • Professionals rely on me to teach them the now almost lost art of old world painting techniques.
My Formula for Helping You Get the Look You Want
Needs Assessment:

The first thing I do when working with a client is to understand what the client’s needs are, and what the client is trying to accomplish. If I were to work with you, I would get to know who you are, what your interests are, what makes you happy, what type of art you like, and so on.

Alternative Solutions:

Based on the Needs Assessment, I typically recommend a range of alternative solutions. Typically I include suggestions such as what colors to use where, what type of faux finishes, if any, to include, what types of accent colors could be used and where.

The Plan:

Depending on what gets decided, I’ll work with you to develop a project timeline as well as a resources plan for getting the job done. Typically I’ll include recommendations such as what type of products you would want to use, and what type of of faux finishes are needed.


Once the plan is agreed to, I train whoever it is that needs to be trained to complete the job. If a painter of your choosing needs to be trained in how to do a faux process, I’m happy to do the training. If you’re a homeowner and want me to train you to do the job, then I’m happy to do that as well. Whatever needs to be done, I’m available to provide the expert guidance to get the job done right.